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Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Component
Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Component
Product Description

The mainly parts: crystalline silicon solar panel, battery (off-grid system), 

inverter (include power projection and inverse function), bracket, and other parts.


The inverter is use to connect each parts in whole system, not only can project the 

battery by the automatic charging controller (off-grid system), but also can change

 the direct current to the alternating current for output. And some other project functions, 

such as lightning protection, overload protection, anti-short circuit, protection of 

opposite connection. It is the corn part of the system.


Solar panel: We used the high quality solar panel, it can keep the high efficient transform

 over 20 years. The transformation efficiency: 18%( monocrystalline Solar panel), 17 %

( Polycrystalline Solar panel). But the conversion rate is more stable.



The battery will store up the energy for the system, and keep to provide the electricity 

energy. its used to change the light energy to electricity.  




This is used to support the Solar silicon cell, it can increase the power produce rate, 

and also can anti the environment effects.

Our advantage

1. Easy install


2. High quality with 2 years warranty


3. The rich experience in design, install and maintance


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Qingdao 55kW power station project


Yemen 2kW power station project

Company Information

Shandong kaich optical and electronic technology co., ltd, with the registration

 capital of CNY 10 million ,is the manufacturing base of LED lighting,solar led light,

 solar power station, which is applied for the patent in china and other target 

oversea markets.We have our own modern workhouse 6000SQM ,6 senior engineers,

 more than 50 technicians with Marketing Department, Management Department, 

Technology R&D Department, Engineering Department and After-service Department .