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simple solar led street light
simple solar led street light

The application

Kaich solar panel--We usually used the polycrystalline solar panel, We keep the lifetime to 

be 25 years and try reduce the cost for the customer.


Kaich battery--We usually used the Gel lead acid battery, it not need maintenance after used. 

And the deep cycle can over 2000 times.


Kaich controller--We used the intelligentize controller, it is automatic control,

It not need to maintenance, It can adjust the output power of the system to 

save more cost.


More design

Why choose Kaich

1.We are the manufacturer, we insist to do the high quality products, 

we try save the cost from the productive process.  The same price,

 please compared the quality with others; The same quality,please 

compared price with others.
2.Have more than 30,000 sets solar light and electricity light 

installation projects experience.

3. Always give our customer a workable solution with our professional

 engineer in optical and electricity.

4. We have export to over 40 countries with rich export  experience.

5 The advantage of Kaich light:

A The patent housing--Our light housing used the honeycomb  up-down

 through-hole structure, which is favourable for the flow of the hot and 

cold air and more favourable for the heat conduction and diffusion from 

the housing, To keep the cooling of the chips.

B The professional optical lens-- Kaich LED lamps equip with the high 

borosilicate glass lenses, of which the transmittance are over 95%. 

The professional light distribution technology and various models of 

the lenses greatly improved the lighting performance of the LED lamps, 

To meet the different lighting for city road, highway, country road, garden,

 square,park, tunnel and so on. 

C The high photosynthetic efficiency COB chips: The intergated LED light

 source represents the technical trend of the LED lighting, It can improve 

the efficiency to 130-150 lumin/w. It improves the assembly efficiency 

and waterproofness of the lamp. Both of the cost of production and failure

 rate are reduced effectively. We usually used the Bridgelux or Cree chips.

Customers visit

We have the customes come from 40 countries. We have agents over 10

 countries. Some of them are very satisfied with our led light, after the 

orders, they come to Kaich to have a visit and for the long time cooperation.