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China will become the top 1 of lighting industry in the world
China will become the top 1 of lighting industry in the world
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At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is creating new historical opportunity, internal and external development environment and conditions, are undergoing profound changes, industry development is facing the new situation, semiconductor lighting and stood in the new starting point of history.

Driver development strategy in China to speed up the implementation of innovation, education, research and development and industry, all bear the great historical responsibility, also faces enormous opportunities for development. Chinese international semiconductor lighting BBS has past 13 years, the development of semiconductor lighting technology, the industry development of semiconductor technology, especially the development of China's semiconductor lighting research has developed a lot.

From the point of the international situation, the world economy into the big adjustment, the transition period, the world economic recovery in the depth of the adjustment of twists and turns, growth, financial market turmoil, global trade continues to weaken, emerging economies are faced with the difficulties and risks are increased obviously, the developed countries also face a lot of difficulties, world multi-polarization and economic globalization, cultural diversity, the in-depth development of social informatization, on the other hand also met great resistance.

Shandong Kaich Optical& Electronic Technology Co., Ltd will comply with The Times, seize the opportunity, continuous innovation, play their own advantages, effective use of resources, in environmental protection, energy-saving LED lighting products in the domestic and international create unique excellent brand, in the human pursuit of green, low-carbon sustainable development in the process of continuous contribution strength.

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