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The market of Chinese LED lighting in 2016
The market of Chinese LED lighting in 2016
Addtime:2017-02-15 14:20:19 Print

As the Chinese LED lighting industry gradually mature, more than ten thousand Chinese LED lighting through industry reshuffle in 2015, the market quality is steadily improving. In 2016, the lighting industry as a whole into spiral period, growth is relatively flat. Although industry overall upward, but many in the industry said that situation than before a lot of, severe pressure. Gradually into the end of 2016, LED lighting enterprise how will look back at this year's consumer market?

Although lighting industry overall demand steadily rising trend, won't appear before the outbreak of the growth. But as the market demand are gradually, the market competition increasingly brutal. This year the price war still raged LED lighting enterprise, profit is weak. The LED lighting industry will enter the small profit era. In this case, for LED lighting enterprise is undoubtedly a difficult war.

So fierce price war, lighting products on the demand constantly changing market can go far? The answer is clearly no. In the era of information and technology so developed, people more and higher to the requirement of product quality, importance is much greater than the price. At the same time, judge products is good or bad, the market nowadays are very exquisite "user experience".

Good "user experience" is the best reputation of product. During this time quantum, the quality of the products must be high, technology is also the pursuit of advanced. If you want to support these necessary conditions, low price is absolutely impossible. Lighting products consumer market, now the budget is rising, it is proved that the market is in increasing demand for lighting. Users from previously focused on the price to the present more and more pay attention to the product effect, the enterprises should do is to meet user needs, solve the problem of light.

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