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The application of Internet intelligent street lamp, realize street lamp remote control
The application of Internet intelligent street lamp, realize street lamp remote control
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With the rapid rise of the high technology products, the development of the public facilities also gradually combined with more advanced technology. In recent years, due to the street lamp monitoring system is closely connected with people's life, its development is also more and more get the attention of the public. In street light control system development process, there are some problems in the traditional street lamp monitoring system wiring complex, for example, found that failure mainly by maintenance personnel regularly inspection report or by passers-by fault, the control mode is single, not flexible, cannot achieve remote monitoring function, etc., the rapid development in modernization of today's society is more and more cannot satisfy the actual needs.

The Internet of things intelligent street lamp on the solved this problem, is a blend of ZigBee technology, GPRS technology, sensor technology and single-chip microcomputer technology, ARM technology, developed a set of street lamp terminal, monitoring terminal and monitoring center of the street lamp monitoring system. Intelligent street lamp can greatly enhance the level of public lighting management, save electricity, reduce operational costs. The essence of the intelligent street lamp lighting is fine management.

Shandong Kaich Optical& Electronic Technology Co., Ltd through the research of intelligent street light control system in recent years, with the aid of industrial technology research institute of technical support successfully developed intelligent street lamp lighting control system, the system USES the advanced electric power carrier communication technology, can through the existing street lamp power supply power on every street lamp remote monitoring, and realize intelligent control of street lamp system, is the science of a complete intelligent device management solutions, at the same time to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, improve the efficiency of scientific management, timely processing various emergencies and various causes trouble light to provide effective means.

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